Viewer pane issue

Hi all,

I've noticed in that the viewer pane doesn't refresh itself when I delete a file, it was fine in but stopped working when i upgraded.

I have "Automatically select next file when viewed image is deleted" ticked and it's still happening, I've exported the settings and tried it on a different PC with the same results.

Hs anybody esle noticed this issue?


Works okay here.

How are you deleting the files? Toolbar button, hotkey or context menu?

Which command does the button (or whatever) run?

What are your settings under Preferences - File Operations - Deleting Files?

Which types of files are you seeing it happen for? (I only tested with a couple of JPEGs.)

thanks for trying, I kinda thought it was my config playing up.

I usually delete by hotkey, but i've tried context menu and toolbar with the same results.

I only have "delete to recycle bin" ticked in my delete preference, it happens with all files.

I'll wait for and perform a fresh install of it, hopefully it won't happen again.