Viewer Pane Issues

Recently Viewer Pane has produced either something garbled or a low resolution image when previewing PDFs. At the top of the low resolution image, this appears (Shell Thumbnail). How would I fix this? David

Do you have a PDF viewer installed? (One which includes a Preview Handler is required.)

What happens in File Explorer's similar preview pane?

It says "This file can't be previewed". I have Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDF Annotator, PDF Exchange and Nuance PDF Viewer Plus installed.

PDF viewers/tools tend to mess up each others registry settings, so that's probably what has happened.

If you reinstalled Adobe Reader or PDF Exchange over the top of themselves, it'll probably repair their preview handlers. (Only do one or the other, depending on which you want to use as the viewer. The other two may also work but I'm not familiar with them and whether or not they include a preview handler.)

Great. Thank you. I will try that and see what happens.