Viewer-Pane may allow clicking URLs in textfiles!?

I'm currently busy in sorting text files having a lot of URLs in the content. Thus the idea crosses my mind that it would be a nice improvent for the viewer-pane to auto-detect URLs (hyperlinks as well as email) and make them clickable. This would be much more convenient than opening each text file in a proper editor to open an URL.

Thanks for the idea. We'll consider it for a future update of the text viewer.

Are all the URLs ones starting with http:// or are you asking for other addresses to be detected as well?

I think the major four protocols would make sense.

The detection algorithm should use a fairly wide pattern to even detect some unorthodox strings.

Recognized protocols:

Valid alphabet (followed after protocl string):

Chars not allowed at end:

May be a configurable regex of the URLs to be launched by the protocol handler would be more flexible.

I just want to raise this feature request again, since I would really appreciate if you let me click an URL in the text viewer.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

We're aware of the request. Please don't bump threads unless there is something new to add to them.

After one and a half year I thought it was a good idea to bump it, just to let other users know and think about this idea. Who knows - maybe I will get more followers to this issue increasing the chance for implementation. :wink: And to be honest there is something new, because this year I want it much more than last year. DOpus becomes more perfect from release to release, thus it makes sense to implement such a basic feature in such a powerful tool.

Leo, what is the current status of this feature request? Is it completely unscheduled or do you have it still in the roadmap for any upcoming version? For the meanwhile is there any workaround or any other viewer plugin that supports links?

Thanks for your patience!

If more people ask it will increase the priority and if we then work on that area of the program it will be more likely to happen.

We are not going to promise to do anything unless/until we are 100% sure we are going to do it, as promising and then not doing it just annoys people.

I've locked the thread as we don't appreciate nagging after asking not to be nagged and, sorry, but you keep doing this.

Other people interested in ideas are quite capable of asking themselves, without you having to bump threads to remind people of what they might want, and very few people have so far, so please just accept that.