Viewer pane obsuring right side toolbar

I have a right side toolbar. My viewer is set in a button to:


But this obsures the toolbar when viewing something. Well, in fact it occupies the whole lower half or so of the portrait oriented monitor.

I'm sure I once had this set so that the right toolbar remained fixed/viewable.

How do you do this?

Could you show us a screenshot of what’s happening?

See image on right. The right toolbar can just be seen - navy blue above Find symbol.

1440x2560 screen resolution on all monitors.

I think you just need to drag your toolbar farther to the right.

It's easiest to do when the viewer or find panel are on the bottom, as you'll see it move to the right of them when it's in the right position.

At the moment you have the toolbar docked to the right of the file display, but there's a position beyond that which goes down the side of the whole window.

Ok, thanks; not sure how I did it, but it is now far right occupying the entire vertical right side of the monitor; and remains there when viewing. Thanks.