Viewer pane: tiny type in Nota Bene (word processor)

My word processor is Nota Bene. Derived from XyWrite, it is now an up-to-date Windows program. Its default file extension is ".nb". I also use several other extensions, which I associate with Nota Bene in Nirsoft's File Type Manager.
I used to be able to use the attached Viewer Pane to check NB files--it showed NB's formatting codes, but I could cope with that. Now it doesn't show the codes, but it displays the file in a font so tiny that it's barely legible.
The Zoom In button is greyed out, so I can't use that to enlarge the file. (It isn't greyed out for .txt or .docx files.)

If I copy and paste the file in D Opus, and change the extension to .txt (all in D Opus, without opening the file in NB and doing Save As), then open the viewer pane on the new xxx.txt file, it displays as NB files used to--formatting codes visible, but text at a normal, legible, size.

I've been living with this for a year or two now, so I don't remember when the change happened. But is there a way of displaying NB files in a larger font in the Viewer Pane?



Do you see the same thing in File Explorer's viewer pane?

I am not familiar with Nota Bene but it has probably installed a preview handler to let File Explorer (and other programs like Outlook and Opus) display its documents. If so, the preview handler is something which the Nota Bene developers have made, and only they can change how it works.

It's the same in File Explorer. I'll post a question to the NB forum and let you know the answer--it may be a few days; the developers are getting the final beta problems of this version sorted.


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