Viewer pane - use Hex for specific file types / all without viewer plugin

Hex is a useful backstop for any unknown file types and, from what I have read, should or can be the default. This doesn't seem to be the case for me. In particular, I want the viewer pane to always display .syx file types (MIDI System Exclusive) with the Hex viewer. Despite changing various Viewer pane and Plugin settings (e.g. adding .syx to the Text-file Thumbnail config) I only see the file system icon for .syx files, not the contents.

Under Preferences / Viewer / Viewer Pane, turn off:

  • Display shell thumbnails
  • Display shell icons

The hex viewer will then be used for anything that Opus and the Opus plugins don't know how to display.

Thanks Leo, I had tried that and thought that it prevented some files being displayed, but darned if I can find any issues now. This certainly seems to be a good default setting for me.

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It'll mean you won't get images for things that depend on a shell thumbnail generator to display in the viewer pane.

If that affects a format you care about in the viewer, try turning on Display shell thumbnails again, while leaving off the other option (Display shell icons), and you might find it's enough.