Viewer Pane video player support for multiple monitors

When using the viewer pane to preview a video that uses the internal video player (not playing via the WMP) if I drag the DOpus window on to my second monitor the video image goes blank (does not stop playing thought).
The if the video plays via the WMP plugin this does not happen. Also other other media players like VLC don't have the same issue. My graphics card is an NVidia and it is drivers are up to date.
Does this happen to anyone else?
Any thoughts on how to solve the issue?


That will probably depend on the codecs involved. Some decoders don't like being moved to other monitors (at least when displayed in certain ways).

I just checked with a WMV file (a good test as WMV is usually decoded using the standard Microsoft decoder and almost never taken over by a third party one), and moving the Opus window between monitors doesn't affect playback of the video. So it should work, as long as the decoder is OK with it. (Unless it is also affected by video drivers, which I guess is possible.)

I bet it's the video driver, not the codec. I have weird things happening for mpeg2 files for example (not related to DO).

If I play mpeg2 files on the beamer (tertiary display) or the primary display, no problems, but if the file is played on the secondary display, I can sit back and wait for the computer to bluescreen. This can take 5 minutes or 5h to happen, but it will happen.
The most weird thing is, if I start the player on the primary display and drag the window over to the secondary, all is fine! o))

So maybe you change vga card to ATI, ah wait.. no, not ATI, that's what I use! o)