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Am quite new to D Opus8 (downloaded Friday) and more than a little blown away by the scope and character of this program. Was seeking a file manager with a viewer and a search engine. This is obviously that and a great deal more. Several questions about the viewer which I have thus far been unable to resolve with the Manual, Tutorial or postings in the Resource Center:

  1. I have and generate many word processor files using Wordperfect (principally), currently with V.12. While I've noted that the program does not claim to support WP, initially I was able to view them in reasonable clarity. However, when I uninstalled an evaluation copy of Quick View Plus V.8, the viewer showed only bin/hex code. For unknown reasons, now those files (WP) do not read at all. Would really like to use D Opus8 AND read my WP files. Is that possible, and if so, how?

  2. When viewing Word files, the program initiates MS Word, showing only a portion of the page. Would like to scale the view down to show the entire page, but have not been able to determine how. Could someone please advise?

  3. Would like to place the viewer pane so that it appears in the bottom half of the screen (full width), and the tree appearing in the upper left (which it appears to do in default) and the lister in the upper right (which it also appears to do in default). Do not seem able to accomplish this.

My thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to aid.

To get the QuickView viewers working inside Opus, after you've installed them, you should go to Preferences, Plugins, Viewers and configure the MultiView plugin. You have to tell it where the QuickView DLLs are on your system.

After doing that you might want to configure the ActiveX Document plugin and remove .doc from its list of extensions so that the MultiView plugin (i.e. QuickView) handles Word documents.

Hopefully doing those two things will solve your first two questions/problems.

Regarding the viewer pane, you can make it dock on the bottom of the window by pressing the little button next to its close button. (It looks a bit like a division sign.)

Thank you for your responses and suggestions. Had a hunch that the solution might lie in the Quick View DLL's. Obvious question is whether those are the most compatible and effective, or others such as used by Power Desk Pro or some other (open?) source might have even better functionality?

Have subsequently downloaded, installed and configured using Yahoo Desktop Search with expansion pack. Result is precisely what was looking for!

Prior to attempting my initial posting, I had made a query to support. Dr. Greg Perry responded, pointing me in the same direction.

Something quite unrelated that I note is some interference with another program that runs concurrently (Ultramon which supports multiple monitors running in DVI mode, permitting independent operation on each monitor). Ultramon inserts two additional "buttons" on each (XP) window. I note the positioning of these "buttons" (one for maximizing the current program across all monitors and the second for moving the current program from one monitor to another) are replaced by different "buttons" placed (I'm assuming) by D Opus8. Thought it might be of some (academic) interest.

Thank you again for your direction and suggestions.

You can hide the Opus specific buttons in the titlebar using:

Preferences - Listers - Options
- Enable pins in Lister title bars

  • Enable zoom buttons in Lister title bars