Viewer plugin questions

Hi all, I need to understand something about viewer plugins.

Normally, if I activate plugins for txt or mp3 or gif or pdf… if I select file and viewer pane opened, DO select automatically activate the good plugin. So, if I select mp3 file, I can edit tag, if I select pdf, I can read pdf… No ?

Another thing…
I notice that the last 2 characters of text file are missing if hex viewer is not enabled…

So ok, I can enable hex and the last character are display but if I select another file, not txt but mp3 for example, mp3 plugin is not activate automatically so I can not edit tag.

I can confirm the problem with the last two characters not appearing if the hex viewer is disabled. I've sent GPSoft a bug report.

The MP3 plugin should always be higher up the list than the Text plugin (which forces itself to be last in the list) so you should always get the MP3 plugin for MP3 files. If you are not, is the MP3 plugin enabled? Does it happen for all MP3 files or just some? (Are there any you can try which were tagged/encoded by different programs in case the problem relates to the program that created the files?)

  • yes mp3 plugin are enabled.
  • problem happen for all MP3 files.

Problem appear only if text plugin enable and Hex too. So if i disable hex in text Plugin and select MP3 file, i can edit tag.

Do other types of file show okay in the viewer? Can you try both a JPEG and a GIF file?

All images are display correctly (jpg, gif, bmp...)
All movies are display correctly (avi, mpg, wmv...)
But pdf, mp3, wma, tga, jp2 and ppm not... :confused:

Can you show us a screenshot of your Preferences - Plugins page?

Somehow your Text plugin is higher up the list than half your other plugins. That means if it can display a file (and with the hex viewer enabled it can display all files) it will be chosen before the ones below it are given a chance.

The Text plugin should be stuck at the bottom of the list but somehow it's in the middle of your list.

If you select the Text plugin does the Down Arrow button above the list become active and allow you to move it down? If not, if you select the things below it can you move them up?

Oh yes, many thank Leo…
If I move text plugin at the bottom, it’s perfect.

I confirm that I can move down text plug with arrow (not up). When plugin is at the bottom, I can not use arrows, but I can move down plugin just before.
Only Multiview and text thumbnail plugin are stuck at the bottom and I can witch it between the last 2 positions.

Problem a solved if i press refresh button (i can move up/down text plugin, i can only switch between multiview and text thumbnail plugin). :wink:

I find something…
If I disable Hex mode and refresh, text plugin is display before multiview and text thumbnail. I can move up or down text plugin with arrows.
Now I enable Hex mode. If I don’t refresh I can move text plugin with arrows. After refresh, text plugin is stuck at the bottom (with default catch-all).
And other…
If Hew mode are disable (so I can move it after refresh list) and at the middle of plugins list. Now I open text plugin option by clicking options button on viewer pane and I enable Hex Mode. Now if I open preference plugin, text plugin are default catch-all and I can move it again. If I refresh, text plugin are stuck at the bottom.

I can confirm this is a bug. The text viewer plugin only marks itself as a "catch-all" when hex viewing is enabled, however changing that flag does not automatically update its position in the plugin list and so it is possible to get into the state where a catch-all appears above non-catch alls. We will fix this in the next version.