Viewer plugins config broken?

In menu, I have Show PLUGINLIST.
Nothing happen when I clic on Configure item of any plugin.
But dialog is open when I clic on Configure button in Prefs.
And you ?

Yes, same here.

This has been fixed for the next update.

Thanks for reporting it!

I'd like to ask something for understanding. When you call up the pluginlist the command for it is Show PLUGINLIST but when you call up the VFSpluginlist the command is Prefs VFSPLUGINLIST.

I tried to change them (Prefs PLUGINLIST and Show VFSPLUGINLIST) but that makes no sense.
Why do you chose once "Show" and then "Prefs"? Is this just negligence or do I misinterpret something? :thinking:

Viewer plugins came first. The Show command deals with the viewer and viewer plugins.

VFSPlugins were added after those things already existed, and it made more sense to handle them via the Prefs command. (I guess the alternative would have been for the Copy command to handle them, since it deals with archives more than anything else, but that would not have made much sense, and the Copy command is already complex enough.)

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I see. And to change the command afterwards would be too much tinker. For me at this moment as a beginner such differences scramble up my brain. :brain: But I'll get by :v:t2:

If we changed them now, we'd break people's existing buttons/toolbars/hotkeys.

We could duplicate the functionality in a second command, so both the old and new commands would both work, but I don't think it's worth it.

We do occasionally add new names for arguments which have outgrown their original names. When we've done that, we've deprecated the old names by hiding them from the menus in the command editor, but kept them working so that people's old configs don't break. For example, the Copy ARCHIVE argument used to be Copy ZIP back when there was only Zip support. But moving things between commands is a lot messier than giving existing arguments alternative names.

Sometimes it's best to leave things as they are rather than continually move things around to make them "perfect". Perfect is always a moving target. Not breaking things or not making it harder to remember how things work is often more important.

Yes, I agree 100 %. This can be done in 10 or 20 years when Directory Opus will be completely new rewritten.