Viewer scrolling

With viewer displaying a file, I use the up and down arrow keys to move to the next/previous file to view. I am viewing mixed files - usually .docx, .pdf, .jpg, Excel.

When it gets to a .docx, let's say after some .pdf files, it displays it, but then won't allow up or down arrow to move to display the next file - it just gets stuck on the .docx file.

Any ideas?

That's by design. But i would agree, that the arrow keys should be able to act just like the pgUp/PgDn keys.

Some plugins pull the focus when launched, so this is kind of by design yes, but what happens depends on how the plugin is written.
The "design" here is bad I think, if regular controls (like the excel-table etc.) shall be used as viewer plugins as well, their API should make it possible to have it open "passive" or "active", but that's obviously not the case, so some plugins steal the focus from DO and some don't.