Viewer SDK for version 8

When will the viewer sdk for version 8 be released?

Just trying to get this answered by GPSoftware!

I noticed some people have it as plug ins are being developed.

So what's up? Where is it?

The viewer_plugins.h for Opus 8 can be found with the source to my newer plugins (e.g. JP2Raw).

Jon hasn't got to updating the documentation yet but if you have any questions I'm sure both he and I will do our best to answer them both here and (when we're awake and around) on IRC. Obviously, my knowledge of the new (and old) features is a subset of Jon's but I've had the benefit of asking him lots of questions pretty much every day, and I'd be happy to share what I know.

A good way to get an idea of what's changed is to run WinDiff (or the lovely WinMerge from SourceForge) on the old and new header files.

I also have a header file for writing virtual-file-system plugin system but I'm not sure if it's still valid since I got it from Jon a long time back in the beta phase and don't know what's changed since. I'd have to check that I'm allowed to give it out before I did, but if anyone is thinking of writing a VFS plugin I imagine Jon and GPSoft will not get in the way since it's good for everyone.

In terms of a proper, documented SDK over and above some header files and people to talk to (and the old documentation, which still covers most of the viewer side of things) I'm sure it's down to time and priorities, rather than wanting to stop people writing cool plugins.

My advice is to do what I did... Grab the new header files and if you have any questions just ask. Think of it as an excuse not to bother reading the fruity manual for once and go straight to asking real people with no remorse. :slight_smile:

Obviously, the old SDK is still a good and valid reference, and the source to my various plugins provides examples for a large percentage of the viewer plugin API.

Also, all Opus 6 plugins are also Opus 8 plugins. The viewer plugin system hasn't completely changed or anything; it's just had a bunch of new features and flags added.

Update: Actually, get the viewer_plugins.h from my TextThumbs plugin. That's a newer version than the one currently used by JP2Raw.

(I started JP2Raw a long time ago and, when I picked it up again to finish it, didn't bother copying the updated header over. The header included with the TextThumbs source looks like the latest one I've received.)

Thank you for that information!

I will get the version 6 sdk, and the plugins you have provided and see what questions I come up with.

Thank you very much.