Viewerpane prev/next buttons issue in thumbnail mode and folders (only/mixed)

Hi there! o)

When there are only folders in the file display and thumbnail mode is on, the prev/next buttons in the top right of the viewer pane do not correctly select the folders. Folders will be selected "column wise" only, meaning if I select a folder thumbnail in 1st row, 2nd column, next folder selected will be 2nd row, 2nd column and next one is 3rd row, 2nd column etc. The selection does not walk through start/end of the row , it always advances a full row.

When there are files only, the prev/next buttons work correctly.

When there are files and folders present, the prev/next buttons work correctly, but any folders will be ignored, they won't be selected at all. This is also kind of unexpected to me.

I am trying to get some usefulness out of the viewer pane for selected folders. I want to show/enlarge contained folder.jpg via hotkey in the viewer pane (since it does not do it on its own). I was thinking I could use the prev/next buttons on the viewer pane and hit my hotkey to show the folder.jpg, but naah.. o)

My feeling is that fixing the weird selection behaviour for "folders only" and not ignoring folders at all when there are files present, would make these buttons very more useful. What do you think?

Thank you! o)

Thanks for noticing this! We have a change in the pipeline that will make it select the next/prev folder in that situation.

That said, the viewer doesn't handle folders at all, at least currently, so it still won't do anything very useful, but it will behave in a more predictable way.

Thank you! o)