Viewing file descriptions in DOpus

I've been searching on this board and in the online documentation for viewing the file descriptions in DOpus What I mean is when you list your files and folders in DOpus, it shows you the file name, size, type, date modified, attributes, etc.. Is there a way to add the file descriptions in that view?

Also, when I do the GetSize for files and folders and calculate the MD5 checksum, sometimes I get . I wasn't aware that you can't get the MD5 checksum on large files.

I really have to say that all these forums are a great resource to using DOpus. Once you get one question answered, you have two or more questions on using DOpus. I remember, back in the good old days, when I was using DOpus 5 for the Amiga computer. I really miss using my Amiga 2000/060. That's when if you have eight megs of RAM, you had allot!! Soon, you'll be able to get 2Tb of RAM and see 100Tb HDDs. And if we're lucky, all this might be available in your mobile device/phone. :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

The Description and User Comment columns both show file descriptions.

There's a max size for automatic (but not for explicit) MD5 calculation which you can change under Prefs / Miscellaneous /Advanced.

Wow, that was a quick response. I was able to change the MD5 file size, and now the MD5 checksums are displayed. When I go to put a comment/description of a file and/or folder, it doesn't show up in the lister. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to change something in the Preferences to make them visable?

The one nice thing about DOpus is that I can change the file/folder attributes very easily. Is there a way, through DOpus to change the Attributes on the Volume and then the Disk? Right now, I'm using Diskpart and doing the attributes volume set/clear readonly & Hidden, then attributes disk set/clear readonly. Is this asking too much because it's dealing at a lower level of disk editing?

Leo, you've been a very big help. It's ashame that I can't get others interested in, at least, trying DOpus out and see for themselfs how much easier it makes dealing with files/folders. Apparently, they are stuck on M$ ways of doing things. If they started out with an Amiga, like I did, then they MIGHT miss the way of dealing with files and folders.

Maybe you might be able to hook up with the guys with Amiga Forever (Cloanto) and see if you can get DOpus (for Windows(of course)) to work inside of Amiga Forever so that you can easily deal with files on the Windows and easily copy them to Amiga Forever virtual Had Disk and vis versa. It's only a suggestion. This might be asking too much?
Thanks Again! :slight_smile:

Please ask one question per thread. Let's stick to file descriptions here, since that's the subject of the thread and what other people will look in this thread for help on.

How are you adding the file descriptions?

Yes I am. But you can forget about it because I found out, by accident, not to turn ON the comments, but you have to RIGHT CLICK any where on the "NAME" field and check off what you want to display. Again, thanks for the quick responce. :slight_smile: