Viewing ms office docs in viewer without office installed?

I recently upgraded to windows 11 and my old version of Office no longer works. I installed 2 different programs; LibreOffice and Softmaker Free Office. Both work well, but I am unable to view the docs in the viewer as I did when I had MS Office. I have attached the error message I receive. Is there a plugin for viewing Office Docs without having it installed? Thank you.


Why your MS Office doesn't work with Win 11 anymore? Even v2003 still runs (independent from missing security features).

I don't know of any reliable viewers for Office documents except the one which comes with Office and another alternative which costs more than Office itself (and has mixed reports about whether or not it still allows itself to be used in other software).

LibreOffice once had a viewer, but it fell into disrepair and has probably been completely removed at this point. I don't know why they didn't maintain one but it's outside our control, and the same will happen in the File Explorer, Outlook etc. viewer panes.

it won't install. I will try again.