Viewing RAR files in DO?


I am a new DO user and I must admit I really love this proggie!!!

But I have one issue I can't resolve myself. It concerns viewing contents of *.rar files in DO.
I have RAR VFS plugin activated, but whenever I click on the rar file it keep opening in WinRAR.
I know that DO supports viewing the contents of rar files, so how to make it display it???
The only thing I managed to find out is to use the option Open with... and choosing DO, but it opes a new window...

I appreciate any help...
Thanks in advance!!!

Hello mikolajek,

The Directory Opus 8 Manual, page 101

Under Settings -> File Types , select System File Types.
Scroll down and select RAR WinRAR Archive.
Press EDIT or double click RAR WinRAR Archive.

Under the events tab, select dblclk.
Press EDIT or double click dblclk.
Choose "Standard Function ( Opus or external )".
Write Go in the textbox.

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i got a question kinda on the same lines.... some rars when i open them up in DO show up as red which under prefs means a system file. If i extract the file it still remains red and i cant figure out how to get it to go black like it ought to. Not all rar files exhibit this. If i open the file in winrar and extract the file is its normal color. Any ideas?

Use the Attributes command to remove the S flag from the file.

I found a problem with this vfs rar plugin. It is not possible to view a rar file within a rar file. Perhaps someone could fix this bug?

Bug Reports need to be posted on GPSoftware's website. Whilst they are known to frequent the Resource Centre, the authors don't guarantee to read and note everything. By entering the bug report in their official database you can be assured that they will see it.