Viewing Shockwave Flash Files

This is going to be a dopey question, but I'm going to ask it any in the spirit of nothing ventured nothing gained. :slight_smile:

Several versions ago, it used to be that if one double-clicked on a .sfw file, DOpus' built-in viewer would kick in and it would show the shockwave flash "video" (for lack of a better term) full-screen. Not maximized, mind you, but full-screen like an image would be with no Windows taskbar, window borders, etc.

I commented once here on the forums that the problem with that was that there was no way to exit other than doing a Ctrl-F4 (to end the view's process). So maybe coincidentally or maybe not, that "bug" got fixed in DOpus, and now "Full Screen" mode is disabled in the viewer whenever it is displaying a Shockwave Flash file, and best that can be done is maximize the window.

Dopey Question: Is there any way (settings file, registry hack, whatever) to re-enable the "Full-Screen" view option when viewing Shockwave Flash files? (I know I'll be going back to the forced exit [Ctrl-F4] to close the viewer, but that's fine.)

Newer versions of my ActiveX plugin (which is what displays Flash files in Opus) disable full-screen mode since it doesn't provide a good way to exit it. (You have to use Alt-F4, as you say.)

I've added a note to my to-do list to look at supporting full-screen mode properly. Not sure when I'll get to looking at it though as it's a long list!

As an alternative, I think you could assign .SWF files to Firefox or IE and then full-screen them. Media Player Classic will also play most .SWF files and has a full-screen mode. (In fact, MPC is what I have .SWF set to open in on double-click.)

I'm in the process of reinstalling everything (fresh install of WinXP here due to new hardware), and I don't have MPC reinstalled yet. (I use the version that comes with the Combined Community Codec Pack.)

If I recall correctly, though, the reason MPC is not a good solution is because double-clicking on the viewer pane causes it to exit full-screen mode. It was either that or it was just clicking on the viewer pane caused it to pause. There was some problem, otherwise, I would have been using MPC from the get-go. Most of the shockwave files I have are just free games I have collected over the years, and mouse interaction is usually required, so using MPC or other viewers usually came with downsides, hence why I got in the habit of just using DOpus' built-in viewer instead. :slight_smile:

On a side note, it never occurred to me to utilize the a browser's full screen functionality, and that seems to work fairly well actually! Thanks for suggesting that. Firefox seems to have a bug when trying to auto-hide the menu bar at the top (sometimes it hides, sometimes it doesn't, and I have to manually close my bookmark pane as well); and IE, by default, blocks .swf files;, but still, both are adequate work-arounds.

For what it's worth, I would still prefer to use DOpus' built-in viewer one day, so please don't mark it off your "to-do" list. :slight_smile: Thanks!

As an update and to close out this thread, after I reinstalled MPC, I just went into MPC's options and reassigned the "Full Screen" key from "Left Double Click" to "Middle Double Click." Problem solved.

Thanks for redirecting me back to MPC. I probably never would have investigated that option again if not for your comment. :slight_smile: (I'm a huge MPC fan and use it for everything I can, so this works out very well indeed!)

Oh! Thank you as I'd never scrolled right in the MPC keys page and noticed that you can change the mouse configuration. LOL. I've been wanting to change that for years but had assumed it wasn't configurable. :slight_smile:

(I also wish there was a way to make it stay full-screen when another window -- on another monitor -- is activated. I actually had it doing that for a while but it stopped when I installed MPC:Homecinema (the forked version) and didn't come back even when I switched back to the original. Quite odd. Must be a config thing or something. Hmm, weird, trying now it seems that it doesn't mind losing focus to Firefox but if it loses focus to mIRC it exits full-screen mode. Unfortunately, mIRC is usually what I want to click on while I'm watching movies.)