Virtual folders via (cached saved searches) for meta

Is it possible to create virtual folders displaying the contents of saved and cached searches for meta?

I would like to have predefined folders that display files based on their meta tags (e.g. without having to wait for the search to render every time; only if I choose to refresh).


When you are in the "Find Results" collection (or whatever collection you have output your find results to), go up a level to the list of collections. You can then rename or duplicate the collection to keep a copy of it.

Note that the collection has no memory or how it was created. It is just a list of files.

Windows Search results are slightly different. They do remember how they were created, and they are saved in a slightly different way. Shout if you are using Windows Search (the search field, top-right of the toolbar) rather than Opus's own Find tool (Tools -> Find).

Are there by any chances plans to have such a functionality? (i.e. contents of the folder dynamically refreshed?)
Something like would be PERFECT!

You could use Flat View and the new label filters to do something similar, I guess. I don't think it would perform very well, though.

what new label filters? you mean other than the ones in Find ?

The ones added in Top of the list here: Directory Opus (beta)

...although that would highlight things, not show/hide things, so maybe it's not what you want.

Real-time monitoring of all file system changes and filtering of the results on anything other than simple things like filename is going to be really slow, I think; possibly worse than just running the Find command or re-running a saved Windows Search Query on-demand when you want to see the new results.

yeap, I m already familiar with that (and love it!), but I meant have a virtual folder only with one specific label, or tag...
But maybe it's not too hard to implement (it's certainly not pointless), since you already have all those files within preferences !! The list already exists!

Today, the flexibility tags have over folders for cross referencing your files is indisputably significant! Real-time-index-tracking is becoming less important with the newer computers running SSD's and Flash memory. Especially if, in the next couple of years, flash memory becomes the OEM standard with the majority of computers available.

With search speed becoming less of a factor, a nice feature would be the ability to create a virtual folder hierarchy where each of the folders within the hierarchy use definable tag sets to perform real-time searching via the windows index system as each virtual folder is accessed/opened. Further, to make this an even simpler process… assigning tags should be as easy as right-clicking on the file or folder to access predefined sets of tags that only require adding a checkmark for defining them. All this is really, is saving predefined search queries to virtual folders using tags for the filter. The trickier part is right-clicking on files and folders to access the predefined tag sets, very similar to how iTunes works with tags.

Not knowing how Opus works, this may be too complex to implement? It would be nice though, and a first of its kind, and could start a new standard for how data is organized.

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