Vista 120 dpi, Opus show wide space of Button in Toolbar

You can see wide space of Delete button.

opus v9.0.0.9

It looks like your Delete button is a three-button, probably with the "Secure Wipe" function on the right-click or middle-click action.

A three-button will always be as wide as the widest of its three actions (unless the root button itself is wider) so I don't think this is a bug, unless I am mistaken.

Easy way to check is to go into Customize mode and click on the icon. It should pop-up a list of what's underneath it and it should then be obvious which action is causing it to be so wide.

I guess your torrent-folder don't show illegal or adult content to us :wink:

Good point. I have cropped the image in the root post to avoid problems for people reading the site at work (or at home in front of SWMBO).

oh! thank you very much... you are smart. Why it has "Remove from collection" and "Secure wipe" ?

Thank you. I see. wide = widest text of those actions.

They're two functions similar to "Delete" but not usually needed enough to have their own top-level buttons, so they're put on the right-click and left-click actions of the Delete button.

You can move the buttons/functions around, or rename them or even remove them completely, if you want to.