Vista Corner Backgrounds

Many thanks Jon & Nudel, all good to go now, thank you again... :smiley:

So did anyone ever find out how to add an image for the Recycle Bin?

Also. I have not been able to add any of the system folders to the Folder Formats. The OK button stays greyed out.

EDIT. I moved my images to the images folder, then reset all the folders, then re-added them, but no pictures will display anymore.

EDIT: I found that DOpus won't read the images in the images folder. I created another folder to put the images in. I still can't get the system folders to display images in Vista.

I wanted to say Thanks for these! They look great, and I have been playing or working as you like, with them, getting things set up, enjoying it, sometimes frustrating, but I've learned a great deal about which settings, where, change folder formats, and which ones override others, etc, so it has been helpful that way as well. Thanks again!


Hi -

Could you tell me what you do or use to make your tittle bars (the purple-ish one's) look like that ?? It really looks cool.


It's called "Windows Vista" :slight_smile:


Is there any chance you could post the background for collections like the one I see you use in this thread please?

I don't see it in the current zip files.


If you've got an icon extraction tool, it's one of the icons within dopus.exe.

Can't post it now as I'm on my phone, about to go to the vet. :slight_smile:

OK. Hope everything goes ok at the vets. Is it a cat or dog or something more exotic?

It's an exotic cat :slight_smile:

Thought he was going to come back and say its a goldfish :smiley:

The poor cat has been put on a chicken diet for a week by the vet. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the icon Leo, if I want to match the other icons in this set what do I need to do? I know I have to fade it out somehow can you remember if there was a certain amount at which it was faded?

I forgot I faded them. It's 25% opacity.

I found the PNGs:

Credit to Trevor Morris for the graphics, of course; I just converted them into 25% opaque PNGs.

Great! Sorry for the bother.

No problem!

This PNG might also be a good background for 'Collections' (when using the new Opus 10 icons):

Where can I put the images in the archive? How do I tell DOpus when I'm connected to a FTP site to show the network drive, and so forth with the other types of icons, like music, pictures, etc. I'm experimenting, and I want to make sure I put them in the correct directories.

It doesn't generally matter which directory the images go in, but if you put them into /dopusdata/images then they will work with if you export a portable version to USB, so that's the best place to put them.

Folder Formats are what you use to assign different images to different folders.

There's a bit more into in Understand and Configure Background Images.

hay leo are these still available all links are dead

I still think vista was the best looking windows shame ms killed the ui

All the links in the root post work OK for me.