Vista DriveIcon

how integrate in opus?

If it doesn't work automatically after you install it then I doubt there is anything you can to do make it happen.

i've been using that for ages, it works fine with DOpus. even in my 'drives' menu. what's not working for you?

I just installed and it works fine here too... Be sure you set your Opus Lister to show the 'My Computer' folder in Icon, Tiles, or Thumbnails view mode... Have you rebooted or otherwise exited and restarted dopus?

Not sure if the TweakUI 'Rebuild Icons' util might affect this or not...

[quote="steje"]I just installed and it works fine here too...[/quote]Hmm... That's a bother!

My AV package (CA Antivirus) just deleted the install package with the following message:

21/08/2008 15:29:39 PM File infection: C:\USERS\BERNARD\DOWNLOADS\VISTADRIVEICON 1.4.EXE is Win32/FakeAv.CX trojan. Deleted

I had not got around to trying to install it.

I'd say it's a false positive from CA - I tried uploading the file to here: ... f59b5104c8

as you can see from the results only one AV program had issues with it and following further to their site they think it's probably safe: ... 00F8BDAA69

I'd get a better antivirus program if I were you...

[quote="steve"]I'd say it's a false positive from CA


I'd get a better antivirus program if I were you...[/quote]Thanks Steve...

I might try downloading VistaDriveIcon again, although I quite like Leo's drive icons complete with drive letters, so I'm in two minds about using it at all. I assume they cannot co-exist.

I've been using CA AntiVirus (and its forebears) since 1995, both in my computer business and my home PCs, and it has never allowed a nasty to escape its clutches. False positives have thankfully been quite rare as well. Whenever I contemplate an AV change, I remind myself of that cast iron history, and end up staying with CA AV.

There was another false positive mentioned on Whirlpool the other day, apparently it was detecting CCleaner as a virus too.

Some might say that ALL registry cleaners should be flagged as viruses though... :smiley: