Vista Ultimate x64 - Problems with FTP File Copying

I have been trying to transfer files from my HD to my website via FTP (and other sites) using DO. Unfortunately when I copy the files over all that happens is the file gets "transferred" but at reaching 100% it just stops. After a minute or two an error sound happens and the transfer window closes and the transfer never officially completes.

I don't think saying the following makes much difference but I am uploading files to a server running Pure-FTP and after each transfer I can actually see the "upload" as the temporary file handled by PureFTP, example:


So somewhere the server isn't notified that the transfer has completed successfully. Just to make it clear this same problem happens on none Pure-FTP servers to.

Everything works okay if I am running under WinXP on the same machine with the same hardware but not in Vista Ultimate.

Any ideas why this happens?

Is there any useful information in the FTP log (Tools -> Output Window -> FTP)?

Toggling Passive mode for the site may also solve the problem.

Already tried toggling passive mode. This is what happens after the file has been sent:

[quote]227 Entering Passive Mode (***,***,***,***,***,***)
150 Accepted data connection
57912 bytes sent in 1.934 seconds (28.328 Kbytes/sec)
Timeout on Command 1020
See FTP Log for more details.
Connection closed[/quote]

It looks like the server is not responding correctly and sending the final EOF sequence. It could be some issue with your firewall or router somewhere.

'There are no general issues here as far as I am aware but you are welcome to file an official report to me if you wish with more details and I can follow it up with you directly.

See the Support page on the Opus web site for submitting a report.

Looks like I will have to do that because using FlashFXP works perfectly fine, it is just when I use DO I have these problems.