Visual Style + 12.10.x beta

I see the notification that was added to preferences if you tried to set an item's color but had enabled Visual Style use in options. Which is nice and all, however there is a sub-option that I had been using which specified "Visual Styles override file selection colors" which, when UNchecked, allowed me to override one small aspect of the Visual Style in regards to how I wanted things colored. I felt it was a fair compromise, and it allowed me to have the DO UI the way ---I--- wanted it, whether or not it conformed 100% with a style.
But I see with the 12.10.x betas that option has been disabled, and now I have to take the visual style 100% or leave it.

I understand the position of GPS and the developers, having traded posts here, so I'm not surprised by this. But I am nonetheless disappointed. Perhaps if I explain WHY I chose that combination of settings it would make sense. I'm not sure about others, but my experience is that if I DISABLE use of visual style the TreeView displays condensed - with less padding between tree nodes. But with visual style enabled, the padding is sufficient and the TreeView is far easier to look at - nodes are spaced apart nicely. Although that being said, it would be far nicer if it functioned like the file/folder listview - where the are options to allow you to decide how much padding/spacing is "nice" (see File Display Modes, options "Extra line spacing" and "Extra line padding"). Those don't exist for the tree, and so your only option is to let the visual style dictate how your tree looks, or live with the compacted tree that has insufficient padding vertically between nodes.

At first glance the answer is to just use visual style. HOWEVER, for anyone who is using a Windows visual style or theme that is DARK - like myself, and many programmers who spend all day looking at a code editor - the way DO renders that treeview makes the selected node ABSOLUTELY UNREADABLE. The colors are such that you cannot see the node. (If anyone wonders why darker visual styles might be appealing, do a search for the Solarized color palettes, Solarized Dark is one of the most common visual styles in use by programmers because it is a low-contrast palette and is available for most apps).

So there is my quandry - create a visual style that doesn't cause DO to make the selected tree node unreadable - but which affects every other app I use - or live with a treeview that makes managing countless folders/files frustrating.

Is that option I mention above gone for good? And is there any plan to enhance the appearance of the tree, or at least to allow the user the control that any power-user expects in a piece of software as advanced as DO?

ONE FINAL NOTE: The issue I describe where the selected treeview item is unreadable..... that happens ONLY in DO - NO other software I use has the problem with my dark windows style.

There's another option next to that. You can have it exactly as it was in earlier versions if you want.

Wait... what??? Are you saying that I can enable "Use Visual Styles to draw items" - AND override the selection colors? Of the treeview?

I'm not seeing that other option you mention Leo... all I see is the always-disabled option that I used previously, and there's no way of setting it (or unsetting it to be more accurate). Here is a snip of what I see:



No way to uncheck that override, at least not that I can see.

Ok let's just delete this post and pretend it never happened....
I had 12.10.2beta installed.... but I forgot that I had some strange driver problems and had to completely reinstall Windows - and never moved from 12.10 to the .2 beta :frowning:

My apologies Leo - I see that this option has been fixed and I can use it again as I used to - THANK YOU!