VLC behaves differently on different folders


the following code I have to open files directly with VLC

"C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" {allfilepath$} 

On my Windows 7 machine the hotkey associated with this code also opens files if I use it on a folder containing a video file not the file directly. This is handy as I keep my movies organized in folders
On my Windows 8.1 machine this does not work. I have to navigate into the folder and use it in the file directly. Why?


The command Opus generates and runs should be exactly the same (except for the different folder paths) in both cases, so there's either a detail missing here (like a difference in the type of folder, the folder contents or the VLC configuration, etc.) or the issue is with VLC and not Opus or Windows.

You can easily take Opus out of the picture and test what happens when you run VLC by running similar commands from a Command Prompt and seeing if you still get different results. You should do this before assuming Opus, Win7/Win8, etc. are part of the problem, as they almost certainly aren't what's making the difference.