VSS / Shadow Copy Plugin

I'm wondering if Directory Opus has the ability to access this shadow file feature. I was trying to restore an old version of a file I had and came to the conclusion that I had to download a special file explorer type to handle Shadow files. However I also realized that I have a very strong file explorer in Opus, and was wondering how I could use this feature if it was here. I saw some threads asking about VSS in 2008, would this plugin exist today?

I've only used it through the "Previous Versions" feature that was added in Windows Vista, but if it works in the same way then you can access the shadow copies from any software, as it's implemented at the UNC/filesystem level and can be accessed via special paths.

Selecting that and clicking "Open" takes me to \\localhost\C$\@GMT-2021.04.01-19.12.12\Windows which opens in Opus.

This is the message I get, and I have checked my restore points, I have file protection on, and my last restore is no more than 1 week old. From my research on Windows 10 you need special software in order to access VSS files.

Try a path like this:


(Increase the 1 at the end to access different snapshots.)

It won't work in File Explorer but seems to work in Opus, from a quick try.