Want Folder Content on mouse hover

There is option on Windows... I can link This PC on my Task bar. With This PC It Expand All Folder Content with mouse hover as the screenshot below.

it's Support Right Click Context Menu Also

Is there any way do this in directory Opus?
I try with


But It's not Expand Folder Content on mouse hover. It's Need to Left Click on mouse to Expand any folder.
I try with Go /mycomputer it Open This PC but I have no idea how to mix foldercontent code with this pc code?

There's no way to set it to activate on mouse hover; you need to click the button.

Go C: FOLDERCONTENT=dblclickmenu might do what you want.

You still have to click the top-level of the menu to open it, but I think that is the same as your taskbar example.

Sub-menus for folders expand on hover (unless the folder is empty).

Clicking files still launches them. Single-clicking empty folders also opens them. Double-clicking non-empty folders opens those.

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Thank's Dear Leo, you are always Help full. your code is works fine on mouse hover. Lock at the Screen shot (in screen shot mark position no. 2). I want to use this code in my lister context menu. But Problem is that I want to Start the folder content chain from Drive Label (in screen shot mark position no. 1)
I use Go DRIVEBUTTONS=labels Code. The Result is All My Drive Show with the Drive Label. And I want to Start the folder content chain from Drive Label . Is that Possible?

You can use this to start the menu with what you see in This PC (aka My Computer):

Go /mycomputer FOLDERCONTENT="dblclickmenu"

But on Windows 10 you'll get a lot of extra junk folders as well as the actual drives.

Making a separate (sub-)menu for each of your drives might be better.

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Thanks Leo