Watermarking inside Opus

Hi peeps,
Is there a way to integrate watermarking into Opus? Since Opus is very usefull to resize or reformat a picture and name it accordingly it seems to be a welcome addition.

Thanx for any advice..

Maybe also an option on how to crop an image whilst resizing..

The image editing in Opus is limited to basic rotation, resizing and format conversion. (Though you can crop images using the image viewer and clipboard.)

If you want to do cropping and watermarking I'd recommend having a look at a command-line image editor which you can easily integrate into Opus buttons. ImageMagick is one example. It's free, very powerful/flexible, and looks like it does what you need.

Thanx for bringing it to my attention, once again :laughing:

I might as well just mention that if you want to crop an image you can view it in the viewer pane then LeftClick+Drag over the section of the image you want, then RightClick --> Copy and Paste it in a Lister, which will create a new, effectively cropped image. It's not ideal, but it's what I tend to do if I don't want to load up Photoshop.

Nice tips for quick image cropping