Way to add files directly to CD bypassing XP CD wizard?

I have always thought the two step process of writing files to a temp location and then writing to CD was a waste.

Can Opus bypass this add add data directly to a CD ?

I do a lot of CD burning, this would save me time.

As was made abundantly clear in another thread - Opus does NOT write CDs.

You will need to convince Microsoft, Roxio or Ahead to change this in their software.

I haven't verified that this works but if you're using the Nero toolbar for Opus then you may be able to add all the files you want to an Opus File Collection and then burn from that without creating a temporary copy of anything.

Yes, i got it the first time :slight_smile: Opus does not write CDs. I understand... however i was wondering if Opus could bypass the writing of files to a temporary location (NOT writing to CD) before actually writing to the CD and simply pass the file directly to the XP CD writing thingy.

Because as we all know...Opus doesnt write CDs :wink:

Nudel, buddy. thanks! Useful input, i did not know about the nero toolbar, but will look into it.

Sounds like what i am looking for.

I installed the Nero toolbar. I had to edit the commands to use correct dir path for Nero 7, but the toolbar is nice.

The burning of a CD or DVD data disk WILL bypass the XP CD wizard way of burning (writing to temp location) and works well.

The only caveat: You can not add files to a CD once you write it as the disk is closed after writing. I am sure this can be changed in the command for the button, and maybe someone has done this already. I am sure a data DVD is burned single session.

Thanks, Nudel. This is what i needed.

Goto the Nero forums and ask about the --close_session flag for nerocmd.exe. I'm guessing it should close just the session and not the disc... and that you can then burn additional sessions/multi-session.

Alternatively, I wonder what would be involved in getting Opus to work with other 'Explorer' integrated burning systems like Nero's InCD. I don't know if it 'also' copies files to a temp area as well but...

Thanks. Do you know where i might find a good Nero forum? There is not one on the Nero site. All i really need is a list of parameters for nerocmd, i guess

I have been tinkering, and i like this soulution but seems that the burn is slightly slower that using nero burning rom.

Fun tho.

The forums at cdfreaks.com and cdrinfo.com both seem widely used and in good repute. You can also start with nerocmd.exe > nerocmd.txt as a start.

Hmm. well, i tried to attatch Nerocmd manual. Didnt work for some reason. Gonna try again...


and here it is!
NeroCMDUser.zip (273 KB)