Web Based File Manager Plugin (Addon)

Hello All,

Just looking for a way to manage the files on my home PC (always on) from any remote location. I use directory opus on local machines. So is there a plugin available for Directory Opus which would make an explorer-like basic file management interface available via web server. Any web browser can be used to login to the home PC. I have looked around and a couple of solution are available but mainly not all of them are out of the box and require ISA/IIS/PHP/Cold Fusion/ASP.net or similar services running at the server's end (my home PC in my case). If directory opus can be made to work like this then it would be invaluable.

Any other suggestions or recommendations are also welcome to achieve this task.

Thanks in advance.

Opus is a native Windows desktop app and does not have any kind of web front-end.

You can manage files remotely by either installing Opus locally and using network shares to access the remote machine, or installing Opus remotely and using something like Remote Desktop or VNC to connect to the remote machine. If you want something that's purely web-based, Opus won't fit the bill.

TeamViewer is free for personal use and provides an excellent remote desktop solution. It includes file transfer in both directions. Highly recommended.

Regards, AB