Website docs: semantic groups instead of alphabetic lists and search-in-column

Currently it's rather challenging to find the appropriate property/method in a long list of those in, e.g., Control [Directory Opus Manual]

Part of the issue is that it wastes too much vertical space, but that's already been raised

But two other things are:

  • you can't search in a column, so you can't find x property by simply typing x in some search bar. Nor can you simply type Item to find all methods that deal with items
  • it's not grouped semantically. x,y,cx,cy should be 4 lines grouped together under some Size, not be spread out across the table. Similarly, fg and bg should be together under some Style group, etc.
    Alphabetical listing doesn't help on first read to get a sense of what is available, nor does it help much on subsequent reads when you want to find (you can't go to the bottom of the page to find the x property because there is another table with methods :))

So what I'm using as a workaround is doing a simple copy&paste of these tables to Excel, where at least can limit search to columns (and also limit search to props or to methods), but that's obviously not scaleable

So one interim idea: could your website build system also just dump those API tables in Excel format where I could open a Control sheet instead of a Control web page?