Weird behaviour with Standard Rename and '&' char

Hey there,

So I've got some files with the following naming pattern thanks to the wife ripping some of my new CD's:Track#-Track Title.mp3That I wanted to fire up in the advanced rename util with the rename pattern set like so:old name: *.* new name: Demons & Wizards-Touched By The Crimson King-*.*And the preview/result looks like this:Demons [b]Track#-Track Title.mp3[/b] Wizards-Touched By The Crimson King-Track#-Track TitleSo the original file name is being substituted for the '&' character even though this a 'Standard Rename' and not a 'Regular Expression'... Scooby?

From page 193 in the pdf help file:

In the replace expression you can specify an "&" character which represents the sub-string found in the match expression. For example, if the sub-string that matched the regular expression was "ABCD", then a replace expression of "xyz&xyz" would generate the string

While the help file is referring to regex, this also applies to standard renaming pattern matching.

Thanks John... knew I could count on you to point out doc/manual footprints. I actually 'did' go there first and found the text you referenced, but I guess my question really is - why does this behaviour apply to 'standard' rename. Since the ampersand is a valid filename character in Windows, we should be able to use it as is in Opus rename no? Inline rename certainly works fine, but personally I think this treatment of '&' should be left to regex and not 'standard'. Does anyone 'want' it to be this way or does anyone out there agree this is a little 'bugette'?

I agree :slight_smile: It's a bug - will be fixed next update.

Thanks Jon... I was waiting to see if anyone responded saying 'no, I need it this way' or something like that before reporting it through your web support site. Thanks for the attention here on the forum dude...