Weird request

hi all!
can anyone tell me if this is feasible?
I need to select a file/folder on a mapped server hard disk, and instead of just having the file/folder deleted, additionally copy the contents of that file/folder to the trashcan of a LOCAL drive ?!
I know it's kind of too weird so I m not expecting any enthusiastic replies.. just wondering.
It doesn't have to be the del key btw. I could later map it with autohotkey.

thanks very much!

The following function will do that (it moves the selected file to a temporary local folder first, and then deletes it to the recycle bin from there). Note though that if you undo the delete, the file will be moved to the local folder and not back to the original network location - you would need to also undo the original move as well.

@set dir=%temp%\OpusTempMove @nofilenamequoting createfolder "{$dir}" copy "{f}" to "{$dir}" move delete "{$dir}\{o}" recycle quiet

thanks very much !!! just what i needed !!

btw, "path-aware hotkeys" !!! that could prove very handy !!