What Command Line Argument for starting Opus with Lister


Sorry if this is already covered, but I couldn't find any details of it in the help file or on here, though I m sure it must be on one of these already.

I am looking for the argument i need to start Directory Opus with a particular Lister Layout. I want to create a desktop shortcut and/or batch file for Opus starting up and opening with a particular lister layout that I have saved. How do I do it? I assume the is some sort of argument after:

"PATH TO DOPUS\dopus.exe"

The name I have for the particular lister layout is "e-commerce"



If you want a desktop shortcut which opens a layout, just drag the layout from the Preferences window to your desktop.

(You can open layouts via the command line as well, if you want to combine it with a batch file of other commands, but there's no need for that if all you want is a shortcut you can double-click to open a layout.)

Thanks Leo, do you have the command line code please?



The Opus command is:

Prefs LAYOUT="your layout name"

To run an Opus command from outside of Opus, use dopusrt.exe:

"%PROGRAMFILES%\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /acmd Prefs LAYOUT="your layout name"

Thanks Leo