What have I done? Dimensions not showing

Dopus is not displaying any image dimensions for image files. It's also not showing dimensions and duration for video files. What's going wrong? Perplexed!

I'm running 12.4 x64 build 6288.

Fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) then re-launch it. Is the problem still the same?

Does it affect all folders, or just some?

It's possible the thread that requests the information is getting stuck on one of the files. (Most often this happens if the information is requested for a video file, which triggers a video splitter DLL that then gets stuck in a loop on that particular file. Updating the involved splitter can often fix it.)

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes it was one rogue video file that caused the hang. Opus could not delete the file, as it was 'in use by Opus', so deleted by other means and problem is cleared.

Sorry to come back again on this, but the 'hanging' of video files is a daily occurence and prevents me seeing video dimensions as it frequently finds a file that 'hangs'. If it is a DLL problem, how can I go about solving this?

The first step is to identify which video(s) is/are causing the problem, but seeing which folders the problem starts in and which file(s) within them things seem to get stuck on.

If it's all videos of a certain type, that will point to particular components to investigate over others. If it's lots of different types, that might mean a different course of action.

As a general rule, installing a huge codec pack with 100 DLLs may solve one problem and create others instead (and could be the cause of problems exactly like this one), so it's best to work out what's going wrong first and then decide what to do based on that.