What is a container?

I've heard people here talk about containers, and I know there are a couple of commands that deal with containers, but I can't seem to figure out what they are. Is container another word for the virtual file collections? I searched the manual also, but I couldn't find any information.


In terms of the internal command set I think the only meaning of container is the directory which contains an item.

For example you can open the directory which contains the item that a shortcut points to:


If you miss out the "=target" part then the command goes to the directory which contains the selected item. This isn't useful in a normal file list but it is useful when you're looking at a collection or a flat-view where the different files all come from different places.

That's the only "official" meaning of the word that I can think of. It's used informally (as it's usual meaning in English) in a few other posts I found but that's it.