What is the command for Ctrl+S in Find Mode

What is the command for Ctrl+S in Find Mode? I am using Ctrl+S for something else.

There isn't a command, but it only works when the FAYT field has focus and overrides other hotkeys anyway, so it shouldn't be an issue.

The default config has Ctrl+S show the Select dialog, for example, but Ctrl+S in FAYT still works.

Just so we are on the same page, although I think we are, I'm talking about this.

"Find mode:

  • (Configured via Preferences / Filtering and Sorting / Find-As-You-Type / Find Mode.)
  • When using the basic FAYT Find mode, the positions of matching filenames are now indicated by marks on the scrollbar, so you can tell if there are more results out of view.
  • After typing a string, you can now push Ctrl+S to select all matching files.

Ctrl+S is set to Advanced Selection.

In the file display, I type a "." to get in to Find mode. I type three characters. I can see one file with the search text highlighted in yellow. The cursor is still in the Find box where the total number of found files is displayed. I type Ctrl+S - nothing happens. I thought I should see only the files with the found characters. What am I missing?

Ctrl+S within FAYT Find mode will selects the matching files. It doesn't filter out the other ones; use the Filter Bar for that (or FAYT Filter mode, but that has less functionality).

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