What is the Keywords for SetAttr META Music comment

I want to create a button for update flac files information which is show in Music comment column in file display. But I don't find the Setattr META Keywords for Music comment field. So How can I create a button for update music comment.

That's a tricky one.

You'll need to use Mp3tag or foobar2000.

@khalidhosain if you really really want to do it with minimal user intervention, you could try something like this:
:one: Install foobar 2000.
:two: Download Masstagger complement. See here how to install it.
:three: Create in DOpus a button with the following code:

@runonce @set comment={dlgstring|Comment:} 
@runmode hide
"D:\pathto\foobar2000\foobar2000.exe" /quit "/tag:comment={$comment}" "{filepath}" 

Set Comment with Foobar.dcf (694 Bytes)

Note1: Change the path part to where you have installed foobar2000 exe.
Note2: Seems you can't read music comment for FLAC from DOpus, but should be visible in other supported programs.
Note3: You can also set other audio metadata as well. See here for more info.

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Thank you so much for the nice tricks, it works like charm. I have no idea before read this comments that foobar 2000 have a option to change meta data. I will try more button. Please massage me if you have any tips and tricks to use foobar 2000 with DOpus.