What Is The "lib://Music" Folder?


I have my OneDrive folder set to the root of my second hard drive, which is 'D' drive.
In D:\OneDrive\Music, I have some music album archives.

The thing that I can't understand is if I go into Directory Opus and select Libraries > Music, my OneDrive files show up there with a path of lib://Music.

If I use Explorer and go to my Music Library (which is essentially C:\Users[Username]\Music), the music files are not there as I would expect.

So, why is Directory Opus displaying them in the Music Library with a lib://Music path?

That is your Music library. You can right-click it and choose Properties to see which folders are part of the library.

I assume you are using Windows 10. Explorer in Windows 10 does not put libraries as front and center as it used to, due to Microsoft's ever-changing whims. The Music folder Explorer is showing you is probably just one of the music folders on your machine, probably C:\Users<username>\Music and not the one in your D:\OneDrive folder.

If you expand the Libraries branch in Explorer and click on the Music item below there, you'll probably see the same as what you see in Opus.

Explorer in Windows 10 has multiple folders in the tree with the same names which are not actually the same folders. It's extremely confusing and badly designed. In this screenshot from Explorer, the two highlighted folders are not the same things:

Thanks leo.

You are right.
I really don't want D:\OneDrive\Music as a Music Library. It's ridiculous. They are ZIP archives.
Windows must have somewhere done that.

Can I turn it off?

Hang on.
No, it's not. I was clicking on the OneDrive Music folder by mistake.
The Music folder below This PC is empty like I expect.

Protocol, you can do this to any Library. It lets you have multiple actual locations that are included in the Library.

Try right-clicking on one now and then clicking Properties. Here's my Documents Library from my work computer. In my case, I have a save location in my private area on the network storage, my normal Documents folder under my username on this computer, and the "Public" user's Documents.

Thanks DesertDwarf.

There is no OneDrive in my Explorer Music Library list, but Direcory Opus still displays my D:\OneDrive\Music folder when I click Libraries > Music. Explorer doesn't, only Directory Opus.

Which folders are in your Music library?

Here is a screenshot, leo.

If you type /mymusic into the Opus location bar, where does that take you?

Another thing to check: Go into the nusic folder and add the Full Path column. What does it show for the files on OneDrive that are displayed there?

It takes me to: C:\Users[Username]\Music
No music ZIP archives as it should be.

In the Libraries > Music folder (lib://Music), the standard Windows folders have a path of either:

But, the strange is that my music ZIP archives have a path of D:\OneDrive\Music