What's New in Opus 9 Preview Question

I'm trying to create the Music Album lister found on the first page. How is DO9 picking up the album art for each file? The majority of my mp3's are tagged with album art yet only about 5% show the thumbnails in the tile view lister.

Given the mess that music tag formats are these days, it wouldn't surprise me if there is more than one incompatible format for album art.

It may also be that you've got files with the "wrong" tag set. I think Opus may only look for the front cover art tag and a couple of others. If you've got files that have, say, a back cover image but no front cover image then Opus probably won't show anything for them.

If you want to send GPSoft a file or two that has album art but doesn't show it in Opus then I'm sure they'll take a look.

You could re-tag your files using my little utility, if it's any use:

pretentiousname.com/WmaAlbum ... index.html

It comes with an Opus button to let you automate it and it uses the Windows Media API to write the album art tags in a way which works fine with Opus.