When doing multiple sets of copies, the buffer is cleared

I have noticed that when I am doing seperate multiple copies of large files, the buffer/clipboard is cleared when a preceeding copy finishes.

For example, if I select file A and click copy and then paste.
While this copy is in progress I then select file B and click copy, if before I click paste for file B, the file A copy finishes, the file B copy has disappearred, ie the clipboard has been cleared. I then have to re-select file b, click copy and then can paste.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?


I tried to reproduce this (using files of 170 Mb), but everything works fine here ...
Does this also happen when you select multiple files at once -> click copy and paste?

I can't reproduce this either, on XP or Vista, copying between two normal directories. (I didn't try special directories like Desktop.)

Here's something to try: After Ctrl-V pasting once and waiting for the copy to finish, push Ctrl-V again. The file you just copied should still be in the clipboard and you should be asked whether you want to overwrite it.

Are you running a clipboard monitor or clipboard history program or something else which can automatically store or modify the clipboard (e.g. PureText)?

What about Remote Desktop, VNC, Synergy or something else which shares the clipboard between machines?

This probelm occurs with cut and paste and when the directoy opus stuats dialogs appear.

Same procedure but when cutting and pasting mulitple files.

I do have VNC running so will try later without that.


I can confirm that it happens when you Cut, Paste and Cut again (before the paste completes).

(I'd only tried Copy before since that's what the original post said.)

I have tried this on all my machines with Opus installed with the same result.

Surely this is just a setting somewhere, the buffer shouldn't clear after every cut and paste, doesn't make any sense.

It's a bug. There's no setting. It has been reported to GPSoftware.

It does make sense for the clipboard to be cleared after a cut & paste if it hasn't changed since you can't paste a cut file more than once (the source no longer exists). It doesn't make sense for it to be cleared if a different file was put in the clipboard after the paste, and that's the bug.

Yeah, fixed in the latest version.

That pretty cool, my first bug found and fixed already.

Well done, very impressed.



This isssue is back in the new version x64