When Dopus replaces explorer, control panel does not open

Hi. Have the latest Dopus 10.0.404.4444 x64 on two desktops and one laptop. Both desktops are working fine (cross-fingers) but I had an interesting problem today on the laptop. When I logged in today, I could not open the control panel, personalize, network center, and other control panel apps but got an error dialog (some registry entry) followed by an explorer.exe error message saying that the application was not found. After some false starts in troubleshooting, I turned "replace Explorer" in the Dopus settings off and everything is working correctly. If I turn replace "on" again, I get the same problem. My wife was using the laptop before me and does not use Dopus and reported no problems.

Any suggestions? Should I reinstall Dopus (hopefully keeping my buttons and such)?

All I can think of is that the dopusrt.exe program has been deleted or corrupted.
I'd try doing a reinstall over the top - it shouldn't affect your config, and you can do a backup of your config first just in case.

Thanks Jon, that worked. Being a pessimist, I can say its working at least momentarily after a reinstall of Dopus x64. Much appreciated!

Now, how about that Firefox problem....

I solved mine by installing Chrome :slight_smile: