When I create a new txt the extension is TXT

Hi, when I create a new txt with the right click mouse menu the file created has extension in capital letters (TXT)

I want it in lower case letter like in Windows explorer. If I create a Word docx extension it is in lower case letter. The problem is with txt files only.

Thank you.

Open RegEdit.exe and make sure the .txt in both of these registry keys is lower-case (if the 2nd one doesn't exist at all, that's okay):


Hi, in the first entry I have txt, but in the second one I have TXT:

I can't rename it, it says the name specified already exists :question:

RegEdit is dumb and won't let you change only the case of an existing key. Rename it to something else first (e.g. .txt1) and then back to .txt.

Thanks jon, it worked. However I get the same problem in DO 10 (I restarted it) after changing the key. Both are "txt" now but I get TXT :frowning:

Check that you really restarted it.

I restarted Windows and now it works fine, without capital letters. Thank you both leo and jon. Much appreciated.