When is 1 thumbnail thread better than 2? Read on

It seems there are situations, where 1 thread is actually faster than 2, when reading thumbnail previews of new files. In a folder with 35MB-tiffs, when DO9 tries to read 2 files concurrently, the driveheads move rapidly b/w the 2 files and it sounds like the drive will say goodbye shortly, very nasty :open_mouth:

I think it's slowing down the reading process and that 1 thread is noticeably faster in this situation.

Have others experienced this and can confirm?


How many CPUs does your machine have?

I have an Intel C2D E6600 (it's a double core processor). Too fast for my WD3200 drives... :laughing:

I'll try to remember to look at this when I'm writing my replacement TIFF plugin (for multi-page TIFF faxes). Maybe I can do something to avoid the disk thrashing.