When selecting 2 folders in the right hand window panel, then use Synchronize, only the 1st one is picked up

As the title says: in the right hand window panel - I select 2 adjacent folders, then Tools->Synchronize
In the next window (synchronize panel) only the 1st one is used in the 'Source' box, in the Destination box
some other folder is listed, probably the one used the last time(?)

At least that is the case with me.

I need to click browse click click browse to the right one.

Question and/or Idea
Could it not be designed in a way that, when 2 folders are selected, then by default those two are being compared?

AFAIK this is the way Beyond Compare is working and it looks to me that it is a reasonable assumption once two folders are selected.

Maybe I am overlooking some setting within Opus...?


Sync will open using the current folders on the left and right. It doesn't use the selected folders at all.

(You could make a script navigates into the selected files abd then opens sync, but it's not how sync works by default.)

Thanks Leo!