When selecting a file name for copy Opus copies a file

When I select a file name in file listing and then select ctlr+C for copying only file name, Directory Opus copies the file to a clipboard not a file name even the file name is selected like when renaming a file?

That's the intended behaviour, exactly the same as Windows Explorer. Probably worth linking your account for a detailed response/solution.

That is not normal when inline-renaming a file.

Have you changed your toolbars or hotkeys at all?

Did you do anything like close or float the toolbar with the Edit menu?

mkopus didn't mention inline-renaming so I assumed he's just had the file selected.

There has been sometimes floating toolbar (maybe activated with accidental shortcut key?) that can be causing this.Does "lock the toolbars" prevent this from happening accidentally?

Sorry, Yes I was talking about inline-renaming.

If you float a toolbar into a standalone window for just that toolbar, any hotkeys in it become system-wide, and will start overriding normal key handling (not just in Opus, either).

Unfloat any floating toolbars if they are still there from accidents to fix that. (Right-click an empty spot on the toolbar and chose the Close option.)

I think in Opus 12 it's fairly hard to float toolbars by accident as you have to right-click them and choose Float explicitly. In previous versions you could drag them out of the lister (which "lock the toolbars" would indeed guard against) but I don't think that is possible now. (I forget when/why it changed, but probably due to people floating things by accident.)

After closing any unwanted floating toolbars, use File > Save Floating Toolbars in the Customize window to save the new state. (This may happen automatically when you exit Opus, but it depends on your Preferences settings. Best to do it explicitly now to make sure they don't come back next time you restart, and start causing problems.)

Thank you, this helps.