Where is the setting for columns header colors?

In dark mode i have a dark blue on a dark background, almost unreadable. And i can't find the setting. Is it a Windows color, an Opus color? I have no idea. Searching for the keywords like "Spalte" (column) et cetera brings up nothing. This part of the new version is a bit frustrating. It should be easier to change any color in edit mode right from the actual place.

Preferences / Colors and Fonts / Windows Colors / Headers

Now i see, why i didn't find it, even though i came across that setting. There is no hint about the blue color, no box checked, and i can't get to the color picker. I suppose, that i have the correct menu item ("Gruppenköpfe"), although all other menu items also seem to lack the color picker section.

That's Listviews / Group Headers, which is something else.

Because you were in light mode before replacing the screenshot in an edit. :slight_smile:

Well, it was one of two items in the list that is referring to header ("Kopf"). I also tried the other one, but no success so far. I can't locate the exact spot, where to change the color.

Ok, is see. But now, where's 'List view'? The translations can be a problem sometimes, one has to think about possible different wordings. Maybe (in a future version) every menu entry should have an unique technical code, which is the same for all translations? Sometimes fighting with the settings, finding stuff, is a real challenge. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, got it now! It was in the other menu pane. Thanks!

ps., i like the dark mode, but i have to re-design a lot of my settings to get the right contrasts throughout the whole program. :+1: