Where is the setting to create this kind of panel?


Here is the kind of panel I'm trying to create :


Where can I find settings to create such panel ?

Thank you very much.

Looks like a normal toolbar, placed on the side of the window, although the labels look like ones you'd get in pop-up menus rather than a toolbar.

Is that screenshot from Opus or something else? What's the source?

Thanks for your reply. Please find below more context, it's indeed from Opus 13 :

Would this be possible in Opus 12 ?

Thank you.

It might look slightly different in Opus 12 but should be possible in both.

Why not ask the person who made it for details? I am not sure how they're doing the labels myself, as they don't normally look like that on toolbars (only in menus). (Although I can think of some ways they might have done them, like if they're actually buttons with different background colors, and not labels.)

A simple toolbar did the trick indeed, thank you.

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