Where's the context menu when selecting all files

I see All the options in the context menu (right mouse click) when I select a file but when I select all the files in a folder, the context menu is almost empty. Where are all the menu options?

When you select multiple files only commands that can apply to all the different selected filetypes are shown.

The folder has MP3 files only. I should be able to cut or copy or delete all files regardless of type. Just like File Explorer does. Also.. I can select these commands from the Edit menu.

Now I noticed the 'Display Context Menu' option which displays the context menu. Why this two step process? Why doesn't it show the context menu right away?

I didn't realise that's what you were talking about.

It's a safety step in case you accidentally right-click on a huge number of files, which can take quite a long time to generate the context menu for.

You can change the limit or disable it using Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: context_menu_max_files.