Which config file are script vars stored in?

Hi @Leo
In my scrip I use

DOpus.vars.set("CBxToCBxCustomQuality")= strQuality
DOpus.vars.set("CBxToCBxCustomPrefix")= StrPrefix
DOpus.vars.set("CBxToCBxCustomSuffix")= StrSuffix
DOpus.vars("CBxToCBxCustomRatio").Persist = True
DOpus.vars("CBxToCBxCustomQuality").Persist = True
DOpus.vars("CBxToCBxCustomPrefix").Persist = True
DOpus.vars("CBxToCBxCustomSuffix").Persist = True
DOpus.vars("CBxToCBxCustomAvgSize").Persist = True

I like to know where I can find this stuff in my Directory Opus config backup file (ocb file)

I think the DOpus.vars ones end up in /dopusdata/ConfigFiles/uservars.oxc

(Vars can also be set on layouts and a few other things, which would store them in different files.)