Which version of Everything?

I’ve just installed the Opus beta. Can anyone advise which is the best version of the ‘Everything’ to install? Are there any advantages to running 1.5 or should I stuck with the current 1.4.1 version

Probably only if you want to use search parameters that are new in 1.5.

Does 1.4 work with calculating folder sizes do you know? I have the opus option turned on where it calculates the folder sizes all the time and wondering if there's any advantage in using one version of Everything over another for this feature?

I'd be very surprised if there was any noticeable increase in performance.

Everything 1.5a works fine here, no reason to use version 1.4.

1.4 is the version we support, until the SDK for 1.5 is released.

Everything 1.5 is still only in Alpha.

I have version
I can't get an opus button to pass a file location to the application. Keeps saying it's not a valid file list.
Is this because of my installed version?

What are you doing exactly?

I built a 'three button' type button and put it on a toolbar.
So I can left click the everything button to boot it in its default path, and right click it to boot it to whatever folder is selected in the source lister.

I put Opus in customize mode and dragged the Everything .exe onto it and chose these settings for the one I want it to boot up at that location:

I have several bugs to report about this everything tool. Not sure if you want them here or a new thread.

Everything's command line may not work like that. You'll need to look it up in Everything's documentation. (Not something I'm familiar with, so I don't know what the right command line would be. But I expect it can do it, from what I've seen.)

About Everything itself, or Opus's integration with it?

If it's about Everything itself, this isn't the right forum. We don't make Everything.

If it's about Opus's integration, then in a new thread, please.

It's Listary that has the issues. I just had Everything on my mind.
Except that I noticed Google Drive has a FAT32 format, so that means Everything doesn't work with it, right?

None of this seems to involve Opus. This is the wrong forum, let alone thread, to ask in.

Everything 1.5 alpha has a hotkey option to copy the path with forward slashes instead of backslashes. For this reason alone I use it instead of 1.4.

But I just had to install 1.4 again so that Opus would recognize it (very excited to have Everything integrated with Opus!). Unlike someone else on this thread, Opus doesn't recognize 1.5 in my case.